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By August 9, 2012The Seahorse Trust News

The Seahorse Trust is based in East Devon and is in a position to offer an unpaid internship for the right motivated person. The Seahorse Trust is the leading Seahorse based charity in the world and has projects in the UK, Cambodia, and Malta, and advises projects all over the world. The Seahorse Trust also advises governments, NGO’s, organisations and individuals on seahorse and conservation-related work.

The Trust runs the British Seahorse Survey which was set up in 1994 and it also runs the National Seahorse Database.

The Seahorse Trust was set up 2000 to continue the work of the Trusts founder who has worked with seahorses for 30 years and is a not for profit charitable organisation.

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The Post

This exciting opportunity would appeal to newly graduated students from the following degree courses, or possibly anybody with the right interests and proven conservation and environmental experience:

  • Conservation Biology
  • Wildlife Conservation Management
  • Marine Conservation

Most graduates and interested persons struggle to gain successful employment in their area of expertise due to competition for the available positions, so an opportunity to undertake volunteering through an unpaid voluntary internship will allow them to gain practical conservation skills.

The Seahorse Trust is ideally placed to provide this type of CV enhancing experience through its diverse range of projects and experiences.

Potential Tasks to be undertaken by an Intern

  • Maintenance of the British Seahorse Survey Database.
  • Evaluating data collected and collated.
  • Maintenance and promotion of the adoptions programme.
  • Completion of funding applications.
  • Running the Seahorse Trust Social Media channels.
  • Helping to maintain the Seahorse Displays at Escot.
  • Leading teams of volunteers to carry out stakeholder engagement, habitat assessments.
  • Working with our partner projects in (via the internet) Ireland, Cambodia, Malta and Malaysia, and other parts of the world.
  • Website development.
  • Public Relations planning and implementation.
  • Schools Outreach Programmes.
  • Public Talks.

Not all posts would need to be physically located at Escot (but this would definitely be a preference) as many of the tasks could be carried out remotely, for instance managing the online presence of the Trust, completion of funding applications, school outreach and public talks, etc.

Period of internship

8 to 12 weeks (to be discussed)

Skills required and/or preferred

  • IT skills, especially Excel, Word and Power Point
  • Proven interest in conservation
  • Analytical skills
  • Preferably knowledge of seahorses but this is not compulsory
  • Being adaptable to changing conditions and circumstances
  • Being self motivated and able to work unsupervised


Please send a full CV to info@localhost

  • Closing deadline 12th September 2012
  • Start date 8th October 2012

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