“10% donation from the sale of every seahorse product to help the Trust conserve these wonderful creatures for future generations”

Why not send an Ecard for your next important occasion.

By sending an Ecard from you can personalise your card and save the environment at the same time.

Ecards save paper and save postage but importantly they can raise funds for your favourite seahorse charity.

Click on the logo above to go to the website


Jane is kindly donating £5 from the sale of each special seahorse item.


These beautiful pieces of jewellery have been moulded from a dead seahorse that was found in the stomach of a Pollack in Torbay, Devon, where seahorses are known to live.

Wildflower Favours

Helping to save nature, one seed at a time!

Wildflower Favours supplies seed packets for any occasion – including weddings, parties, anniversaries, funerals etc.  They also supply the corporate market with branded seed packets for events, promotions and so on.  They have kindly nominated us as one of the charities they want to support.

Wildflower Favours are rather obsessed with bees and seahorses!  Both species are endangered in their own ways and both need the help of us humans.  The seed packets are recycled, plastic-free and contain British-grown wildflower species.

Every packet of Seahorse Trust seeds sold enables a 50p donation to the Trust.  Not only are you helping seahorses but the bees too by encouraging them to visit the wildflowers you grow from these packets.

Buzz on over to Wildflower Favours’ website and start saving seahorses and bees!

“Aquamarine Jewellery is designed and made by scuba diver Rose Ledbury.  Rose’s designs are inspired by the ocean, and all the wonderful creatures she meets whilst diving, including the occasional Seahorse, which is why she is proud to be partnered with the Seahorse Trust.  Rose is donating 10% of the sale price of any piece of her Seahorse Collection to the trust. The collection comprises of hallmarked sterling silver pendants, earrings and rings, all hand crafted in the UK.

Visit Rose's website

“I love to just drift and observe creatures in their natural environment. I am always impressed by the way creatures move in the water, they hold a natural energy and move gracefully in their element.  The Seahorse Trust has helped to protect the Seahorses of the South Coast where I regularly dive and I am glad to have the opportunity to help out in any way I can”

If you fancy a brilliant pair of bamboo socks with plastic free packaging that is recyclable, then check out these funky socks at BARE KIND. Lucy, the owner of the company has kindly offered to donate 10% of the profits to our conservation work, here at The Seahorse Trust.

Salcombe Brewery

Seahorse ale from Salcombe brewery

Handcrafted beer from Devon. Created with hops, malt, yeast and their  own Devon water and a splash of passion! A beer for every occasion with a bit of Salcombe in every drop!

The SEAHORSE Beer reflects that Salcombe Estuary is a breeding ground and safe haven for both British species of seahorse.  It is an amber ale, sweet and smooth, with a gentle spicy hop character and hints of burnt toffee, caramel and a smoked malty finish.  What’s not to like!

Salcombe Brewery and The Seahorse Trust have joined forces to help conserve these amazing animals for the future.  By buying this hand crafted ale you are directly helping the Trust in its efforts to study seahorses in the wild and to launch conservation programmes to ensure we have seahorses in the wild forever.

Salcombe Brewery will donate 5p from every bottle bought by you to the work of the Trust and we would like to say a massive thank you to them for their generous support.  Cheers!

Sea Adora Exmouth

Supporting our coastline

Sea Adora Exmouth has been set up and is run by Magi and her team.

It is a fantastic gift shop and they aim to make donations from sales to local and national charities like The Seahorse Trust.

Next time you are in Exmouth, pop in and buy yourself or a friend a gift and know you are supporting the natural world

Thanks Magi and everyonne for your support


Speak To Me Gabriel is a card company featuring the designs of Paulo Baigent, an artist and designer based in Bath. There are a number of ranges of different cards including a range of Seahorse cards. For each Seahorse card sold 50p will be donated to The Seahorse Trust.

Below are some samples of the colours and types of T-shirts and Hoodies Brian sells. Check out his Tee-spring site for more options, just click on the button.


Brian Davies SCUBA


Trust friend and supporter Brian Davies from Brian Davies SCUBA has kindly had these T-shirts and hoodies designed by Critter Hunter Justin Carmack to raise funds for The Seahorse Trust 

100% of the profit from them goes to our conservation, education and research work.

Thanks to Brian and Justin for kindly doing this for us and check out their sites to see what they are up to.


  • A local brand of premium craft gin based in London, who recently launched, Marine London Dry Gin, which is known for its distinctive flavour journey. It is reminiscent of an ocean voyage, exploring marine and land flavours from around the world.
  • All their ingredients and packaging are sustainable to the environment and the local communities.
  • They are honouring the maritime legacy of Greenwich and how the meridian enabled safe navigation to explore the world and they distil marine botanicals from the Celtic Sea, pairing them with intriguing and unique botanicals from around the world.
  • They say that the ocean is such an important part of our lives and they believe committing to its preservation is more than good deeds and attitude, it has to be deep in the heart of their business and society, influencing everything they do.
  • They have kindly partnered with the Seahorse Trust to be part of something bigger that can make a difference with marine preservation and conservation.

Click on the button to go to their website


Send eCards and donate the cost of cards and stamps to The Seahorse Trust. Choose a category on the website to view all designs for that occasion

Click on the image to the left and then choose the category you want to send, click on the category and then select you card, It is that easy.

If you are an artist and want to donate one of your images for us to use on our cards please get in touch through The Seahorse Trust website.

Harbour Hounds

Tick Off collars for your family friend

At Harbour Hounds we offer a range of stylish and practical dog accessories, inspired by the beauty of coastal living and are delighted to partner with The Seahorse Trust.
We have designed an exclusive Harbour Hounds EM Tick-Off Necklace to add to our range of natural tick repellent products. For every sale of our new limited edition Seahorse EM Tick-off Necklace, we will donate 10% of the sales to The Seahorse Trust.
These start from £12 – go get yours to keep those pesky ticks away from your dog and give back to this amazing charity.

To find out more about our partnership, head to our website

Click here to go to the website


Fused Glass by Pippa

Pippa has been fusing glass for a few years now, and is based in a small village by the sea in Devon.  Her inspiration comes from the coast and 10% of all seahorse-themed glass sales will be kindly donated to The Seahorse Trust. She make various items from small ring dishes and soap dishes, coasters and bowls to stand alone and wall mounted seahorse art.

Pippa can be contacted via Facebook or Instagram (Fused Glass by Pippa) or by email

Seahorse art

Unique one off Seahorse art

Since taking early retirement Patti Boness has been able to indulge her love of art and crafts.  I am still exploring many forms and media.

Her work is varied – from a  simple style of Pointillism, developed preferring to use sepia and black pens, to Tuscany landscapes in acrylic and to her most recent work using slate, beach finds and metallic paints set in resin.

Her inspiration comes from a love of the countryside and many years of diving, with her first sighting of a Seahorse whilst diving off the south coast of England.

Following this passion for seahorses, Patti now donates 10% from any sales of her products featuring a seahorse to the Seahorse Trust.

Purchases can be made by contacting Patti at

Facebook: PattisArtsandCrafts

or visit her shop on ETSY:

Live Algae UK

Premium marine algae form the UK

Live algae UK make donations to the work of The Seahorse Trust from the sale of their UK grown sustainable marine algae.

These algae are sustainable and do not affect habitats in the wild.

Click on the logo to go directy to their website

Immortal Beloved UK

Artwork by Rachael Woodcroft

Rachael’s “Seahorses in Love” brooches are hand-moulded and individually handpainted, with no two ever the same. Each pair is shaped into a slightly different tail embrace, and each pair has a tiny Swarovski crystal inset into each eye.

Each brooch is sold for £25.00, of which 25% will go to the Trust, that’s £6.75 per brooch.

Click on the image to the left to go to her site.

Lifeforms Art


Lifeforms Art is all about spreading the conservation message and celebrating the amazing creatures who share our planet.

They are a family business, lucky enough to live in Ceredigion, West Wales, and they spend there spare time beach combing and beach cleaning.

Lifeforms Art began in 2017 when father and sons team began looking for a way to promote the conservation message to the world –  artist and Conservationist Ian, graphic designer George and artist and naturalist Ben.

Their seahorse and marine art is beautiful – their seahorse T-shirt is made from 100% soft organic cotton, is fairwear-certified and available in a choice of colours.  The T-shirts are also vegan.  Incidentally, the seahorse has been their most requested design!

Lifeforms Art are generously donating 10% from their seahorse art proceeds to the Trust’s work.  Click on the images below to go directly to Lifeform Art’s website.


Sea Arch Drinks have formed a unique partnership with The Seahorse Trust

Based on the South Devon coast near one of our study sites, Sea Arch produces an award-winning distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Bursting with coastal botanicals, Sea Arch is a deliciously refreshing alternative to alcohol.

Sea Arch Drinks co-founder Sarah Yates says, “We’re excited about the new partnership with The Seahorse Trust, supporting the important work they do to protect the marine environment, not only here in Devon, but across the UK and around the world. We are fortunate to have such a vast range of species living in and around our shores, and feel strongly that we have a responsibility to provide a safe and sustainable ecosystem for them. The marine conservation work that The Seahorse Trust does is vital in protecting seahorses and their natural habitats so that they – and we – can enjoy our coastlines for many years to come.”

We are really happy to be working with Sea Arch Drinks and look forward to a long partnership, helping to protect our seas together.

For more information about Sea Arch Drinks,click on the logo below

The Sea Arch name is inspired by the London Arch in Torbay, home of both species of British Seahorses, where The Seahorse Trust are studying these amazing ‘little horses of the sea’.


Just as the waves have washed away some of the cliff to create something truly stunning – a natural stone arch in the ocean – so the removal of the alcohol in Sea Arch Coastal Juniper leaves you able to taste and savour the layers of complex natural botanical flavours, making it even more beautiful without.


Dorset Diving Services are the leading dive centre in Poole in Dorset and offer a wide range of services. From dive training, to equipment servicing, from dive equipment for sale, to diver’s air, they are the place to use for all your dive needs.

During our installation of the Ecomoorings at Studland Bay, they kindly provided the air free of charge as a donation for our work and even delivered it to the quayside for us.

They are a brilliant team and very helpful.

Check out their website by clicking on their logo to the left.

Sea Change Wines

Ethically sourced eco friendly wines

Are passionate about two things: protecting our oceans from plastic pollution and great tasting wine. Every bottle of Sea Change helps fund ocean conservation projects across the globe and our minimal packaging reduces waste and environmental impact.

We have just teamed up with Sea Change Wines for a special promotion, which is amazing news for seahorses and great news for wine lovers. Sea Change is a wine company with a difference, they are tackling the issue of plastic waste and helping conserve the natural world. Thank you to them for this amazing offer.

Lizzie from Sea Change Wine says,

‘At Sea Change wine, we are passionate about two things: protecting marine environments from plastic pollution and great tasting wine. We believe that everyone has a role to play in tackling the problem of plastics in our oceans. For every bottle sold, a donation is made to marine conservation charities who are actively fighting plastic pollution.

Packaging has been minimised on every bottle to reduce waste: natural corks made using renewable energy are used, and we’ve removed the unnecessary plastic wrap around the cork. The labels are made partially from grape waste and lovingly hand drawn by our designer Katie. Take a closer look and you’ll see the marine animals represent the problem: they’re filled with plastic.

seahorse sculpture

Seahorse Sculptures


Wildlife Artist and SCUBA diver, Nicolas Pain, has created two  fabulous sculptures. Each depicts Spiny Seahorses. One features a single Seahorse holding on tightly to a strand of seagrass in a strong current, while the second shows two Seahorses floating gently in calmer waters. Both sculptures accurately portray exquisitely detailed seahorses in their natural habitat. Nicolas’ work is inspired by many years of diving mainly in the UK.

Each sculpture is a foundry-cast bronze in a strictly limited edition of 18 and each is signed by the artist. These are offered here in conjunction with The Seahorse Trust and the artist will donate 15% of the sale price to the Trust. T

The dimensions of the single Seahorse are D17cm X W30cm XH43cm and the two seahorses together are D25cm X W14cm X H62cm. Both are supplied in hand made wooden presentation boxes.

The single Seahorse is priced at £1850 and the double at £2400. This price includes shipping on the UK mainland.

To order your sculpture or for more details simply e-mail the artist, quoting The Seahorse Trust to or visit

seahorse sculpture

“Suzi the Seahorse and Friends” is the story of Suzi the Seahorse searching for items in the ocean and learning the colours of the rainbow with her friends. This story touches on mental health and how it’s ok to feel sad sometimes. Featuring brightly coloured illustrations, Bumper and Friends stories are ideal for reading with children aged 0-5.

Bumper and Friends is supporting The Seahorse Trust


Bumper and Friends books by childrens author JT Scott feature the garden and seaside creatures we want to protect for future generations. The creatures are friends and help each other solving problems, sharing advice and have lots of exciting adventures.

Supporting The Seahorse Trust is a small way of “giving-back” and helping the beautiful sea creatures who need us most. Find out more at


“The Three Fish and Friends” talks gently about sources of ocean pollution. The fish are on a seaside holiday trying to find the solution for pollution, where it comes from and how we can help, even if it is just one piece of rubbish at a time.

Shops and centres with collection pots


Here at The Seahorse Trust we are very lucky to have a number of shops and outlets who support our work by having a Seahorse Trust collection pot, so that their customers can kindly donate towards our work.

Listed below are just a few of them and if you click on their logos you can go direct to their websites.

Thank you to them all for their amazing support.

If you want to have one of our collection pots to help support our work then please get in touch by e-mail –

Kaleidoscope Aquatic Centre

Blue Reef Aquarium (Newquay)

Bristol Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium (Portsmouth)

Blue Reef Aquarium (Hastings)

Elm Lane Aquatics