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April 2013

Prof Jack Cohen opens new seahorse education area

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Seahorses in Wool, Dorset
Easter Saturday was a very special day for Wool in Dorset, with the opening of the new Seahorse Display Area at Woolbridge Business Centre. Those who attended were thrilled to see the amazing displays of these curious creatures performing beautiful ballets in natural looking surroundings.
Owner Tim Haywood has opened the center to educate and entertain visitors. He says sadly up to 150 million Seahorses are now believed to be taken from the wild each year to satisfy the Chinese Medicine Trade and the Aquarium and Curio Trades. It is hoped that our displays will help inform people of the Seahorses plight.
Entry is free, though a donation is encouraged to support The Seahorse Trust (Registered Charity No: 1086027 ).
Adding to the fun of the day was the ribbon-cutting by local celebrity, Professor Jack Cohen; co-author of Terry Pratchet’s Science of Discworld series, renowned biologist and Patron of the Seahorse Trust.

two display tanksjack cutting ribbon