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November 2013

Seahorse Survey in Malta

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The project in Malta has really developed now and we have a joint partnership between ourselves, the PDSA and Nature Trust Malta. We have 2 coordinators on the islands, Neville on Malta and Donna on Gozo, who represent the PDSA, so that they can report in and spread the word about the seahorses. Donna has also kindly offered to represent The Seahorse Trust on the islands and her e-mail is malta@localhost
Thank you to everyone who has helped to get this project together (especially Beccy and Shane who put the foundations together over the last few years) and we are already having sightings come in. Sightings like Cats amazing piece of video (  helps us to understand more about the seahorses on the islands so that we can know more and to help advise the Maltese Government on the best ways to protect these incredible fish, so they are there for everyone to see for many years to come. We are also working with local biologist Paul Camilieri who is Maltese but will be doing his PhD in Plymouth from December. His PhD is based on Seahorses around the Mediterranean.