Educational Resource pack for key stage 3/4 for educators and teachers

Trust volunteer and Seahorse Survey Coordinator Beccy MacDonald and illustrator Liara Crane have put together a resource pack for Key stage 3/4 for use by teachers and educators about seahorses and their role in the food chain.

This unique pack shows the interaction of seahorses and their environment and how life is interconnected in so many ways.

Please feel free to use this unique resource in your lessons and if it is possible please make a small donation to our work so we can develop other educational packs and resources for our ongoing quest to educate everyone about the future of our precious marine environment.


To download the pack, please click on the picture below.

Learn how to draw a seahorse

by Kate Palmer from

Sparrows Green Studios

Have you ever wondered how to draw a seahorse? This informative video by Kate Palmer of Sparrows Green Studios in London, shows you just how to do it.

Kate has kindly designed the seahorse scarve for sale on our Sponsors Shops page and is a superb artist. Her scarve helps to raise funds for our urgent work and thank you to her for doing this.

Check out the video to the right and learn to draw one of the most enigmatic fish in the sea.

Seahorse outline to draw or fill in

Please use the outlines below to learn how to draw or fill in a seahorse.

Once you have learnt how to do these, try drawing your own seahorse.

Try copying one of our pictures and paint it or just draw an outline.

Remember to put in some detail and maybe add spines or stripes or even a fat belly like a pregnant male seahorse.

Click on the images below to download the outlines to use for your artwork