Affliates and Partners


Our friends and colleagues found in the UK and further afield

A organisation is only as good as the friends and colleagues it works with from around the world. Here at The Seahorse Trust we are incredibly lucky to have so many friends and partners, literally from around the world and below is a small list of just some of them.

Thank you to them all for thier support.

Save Our Seahorses

Our sister organisation based in Dublin

Founded by Kealan Doyle an old friend of The Seahorse Trust, Kealan and The Seahorse Trust work very closely on the conservation and preservation of seahorses throughout the world.

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Asociación Hippocampus

Protecting Spain’s Seahorses

In keeping with our motto of ‘Working in partnership with nature’ we work with Asociación Hippocampus in Spain through our Seahorse Alliance, which is a loose group of seahorse projects around the world all working with the same aim of protecting and conserving seahorses for the future.

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British Naturalist’s Association

Founded in 1905 by Edward Kay Robinson, a close associate of Charles
Darwin, the British Naturalists’ Association is an organisation
dedicated to the study of Natural History for all. It’s membership is
made up of experts and amateurs who are encouraged to share their
knowledge and, through its Grade Recognition Scheme, all have the opportunity to acquire the necessary field skills to demonstrate to others their commitment in furthering the study of natural history. Grade levels are HonFBNA (Honoris Causa – those who are internationally recognised as having made an outstanding contribution to our understanding of natural history), FBNA –Fellow, MBNA – Registered Member and ABNA Registered Associate Member.

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Proyecto Seahorse Perú

Working to Protect Peru’s Seahorses

The project has been set up by Angela Stefany and is making a big difference to our knowledge of seahorses in Peru. We are understanding more about their location, numbers fished and behaviour.
“Project Seahorse Peru is a research project whose main objective is to learn more about the bycatch and knowledge of fishermen and to understand about the Pacific Seahorse (Hippocampus ingens) in Peru, as well as educating the coastal population and students about the conservation of seahorses”.
Like with so many projects around the world, The Seahorse Trust works with Angela and the team at Proyecto Seahorse Peru and we share ideas and thoughts on seahorses and their conservation. We have been advising the team on databases and methods of surveying, not just underwater but amongst the fishermen and local communities as well.

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Bermuda Seahorse Project

Working in partnership with Jessica Reiderer recording the seahorses of Bermuda

The Seahorse Trust works with many partners throughout the world and we also advise many projects on surveys, captive breeding and education through our Seahorse Alliance.

Not only do we work with organisations, we also work with individuals who are passionate about their environment and especially seahorses.

One of these dedicated people is Jessica Reiderer of Bermuda who has been recording and photographing the seahorses for many years and has made many discoveries along the way.

SOS Save Our Shores

Working to protect the worlds oceans

SOS Save Our Shores was set up to look at the effect of mankind on our oceans and seas by direct but peaceful action.

They are working on ways to:-

1) Pressure the government legally to act responsibly on global warming

2) Fight Wytch Farm Oil production

3) Build Green Local Area Energy Networks.

SOS Save Our Shores are working in partnership with The Seahorse Trust in challenging the government on the licensing of an exploratory oil rig in Poole Bay. They helped The Seahorse Trust raise the funds to launch a challenge in court.

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