Affliates and Partners

Our friends and colleagues found in the UK and further afield

An organisation is only as good as the friends and colleagues it works with from around the world. Here at The Seahorse Trust we are incredibly lucky to have so many friends and partners, literally from around the world, and below is a small list of just some of them.

Thank you to them all for their support.

Save Our Seahorses

Our sister organisation based in Dublin

Founded by Kealan Doyle, an old friend of The Seahorse Trust. Save Our Seahorses is the Irish branch of The Seahorse Trust and we are working on the conservation and preservation of the marine environment using seahorses as our flagship species.

We are coordinating the recording and preservation of seahorses throughout the island of Ireland and by using the knowledge gained and importantly by working in partnership with others we aim to presrve, conserve and Rewild the marine environment in Ireland.

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The Devon Environmental Foundation (DEF)

At least 30% of Devon ‘for nature’ by 2030.

Given the scale of the climate and nature emergencies, our ambition is to protect and restore at least 30% of Devon’s land and water by 2030.

We will implement the vision by supporting grassroots projects that regenerate nature, especially those that can be replicated and scaled across the county.


Ben Goldsmith, Founder, Conservation Collective

The Devon Environmental Foundation is a part of the Conservation Collective, set up by Ben Goldsmith to bring together conservation projects around the world to make a difference.

Boatfolk are committed to a greener future for all of us and by using their influence in the boating world they are making real time changes. By funding or more importantly using their expertise in solving problems they help the boating world to become greener, whether this is by installing Ecomoorings in Studland, attaching Biohuts to their pontoons or funding the cleaning of the seas, they are there at the forefront.

Check out their website to see the full extent of there environmental work.



Boatfolk are a forward thinking, very green boating business that is committed to the protection and restoration of our oceans.

Driven by CEO Michael Prideaux and his incredible team they have partnered with The Seahorse Trust to Rewild Studland Bay by installing Ecomoorings.

10% for the Ocean

10% for the Ocean combine the scale of collective giving with a worldwide network of critical ocean causes, providing a single point of action to promote ocean health and support a blue recovery.

Our networked approach delivers focus and collaboration in a fragmented ecosystem.

10% for the ocean operates a venture philanthropy model, enabling the most innovative and impactful ocean projects to achieve the momentum and scale required to drive positive impact on our ocean’s health.

Asociación Hippocampus

Protecting Spain’s Seahorses

In keeping with our motto of ‘Working in partnership with nature’, we work with Asociación Hippocampus in Spain through our Seahorse Alliance, which is a loose group of seahorse projects around the world, all working with the same aim of protecting and conserving seahorses for the future.

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Why Beavers?

The Seahorse Trust is proud to have an association with the Beaver Trust through its founder and executive director, Neil, who is a supporter of the Beaver Trust.

You might say why beavers and seahorses? well it is simple; our natural world is a complicated interwoven balanced set of habitats and ecological niches and beavers are one of nature’s major eco-engineers; they literally reshape our natural world. They create natural habitat that helps to balance nature, provide habitat for breeding species and crucially clean water, which on its long travels down to the sea, provide life for so many species. coming from and going to the oceans of the world. Eventually this clean water reaches the sea and marine habitats rely on not being polluted, so do marine species like seahorses. Beavers creating vibrant habitats, cleaning the water directly help species like seahorses.

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British Naturalists’ Association

Founded in 1905 by Edward Kay Robinson, a close associate of Charles
Darwin, the British Naturalists’ Association is an organisation
dedicated to the study of natural history for all. It’s membership is
made up of experts and amateurs who are encouraged to share their
knowledge and, through its Grade Recognition Scheme, all have the opportunity to acquire the necessary field skills to demonstrate to others their commitment in furthering the study of natural history. Grade levels are HonFBNA (Honoris Causa – those who are internationally recognised as having made an outstanding contribution to our understanding of natural history), FBNA –Fellow, MBNA – Registered Member and ABNA Registered Associate Member.

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Proyecto Seahorse Perú

Working to Protect Peru’s Seahorses

The project has been set up by Angela Stefany and is making a big difference to our knowledge of seahorses in Peru. We are understanding more about their location, numbers fished and behaviour.
“Project Seahorse Peru is a research project whose main objective is to learn more about the bycatch and knowledge of fishermen and to understand about the Pacific Seahorse (Hippocampus ingens) in Peru, as well as educating the coastal population and students about the conservation of seahorses”.
As with so many projects around the world, The Seahorse Trust works with Angela and the team at Proyecto Seahorse Peru and we share ideas and thoughts on seahorses and their conservation. We have been advising the team on databases and methods of surveying, not just underwater but amongst the fishermen and local communities as well.

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Bermuda Seahorse Project

Working in partnership with Jessica Reiderer recording the seahorses of Bermuda

The Seahorse Trust works with many partners throughout the world and we also advise many projects on surveys, captive breeding and education through our Seahorse Alliance.

Not only do we work with organisations, we also work with individuals who are passionate about their environment and, especially, seahorses.

One of these dedicated people is Jessica Reiderer of Bermuda, who has been recording and photographing seahorses for many years and has made many discoveries along the way.


Educate to inspire, inspire to protect

Jemma is from the UK, but spends most of her time on a liveaboard dive boat, inspiring others to love and appreciate the sea and its incredible inhabitants.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, she still wanted to do her bit to protect and educate and so she set up SeaBeneath, the amazing website where you can learn about all sorts of marine creatures, not just seahorses.

We are pleased to be partners of SeaBeneath and encourage others to have a look at Jemma’s amazing website and be inspired.

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Sealife Centres

Conservation department

The Seahorse Trust has worked with the Sealife Centres for many years on joint seahorse and conservation projects.

We are now teaming up to put together the World Seahorse Survey online portal,  which you can find on this website.

Many thanks to the team and their guests at the Sealife Centres for their support in this much-needed project.

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Our partners at SCUBAZOO,  have made some incredible wildlife films and educational worksheets.

SZtv is the new channel of original stories about wildlife and conservation from Scubazoo, an award-winning, independent production company based in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo for the last twenty years. Specializing in filming natural history and factual programming Scubazoo are renowned for their underwater cinematography and photography as well as their ever growing film and photo stock libraries.

Hippocampus Info

Beatrice has put together this amazing page about seahorses in captivity. It is an informative and well thought out page and it is in a number of different languages.

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