World Seahorse Survey

Gathering knowledge from all over the world, to protect and conserve seahorses for the future.


Understanding seahorses from anywhere in the world is crucial to their protection and conservation, the more we know, the more we can do to protect them.

No matter where you are in the world we need to know about your seahorse sightings.

Please press the button above to record your sighting.

Alternatively, why not email them to us on WORLD SEAHORSE SURVEY, don’t forget to add pictures, maps and anything that will help us understand them better.

If it is easier, why not fill our PDF form – SEAHORSE SURVEY FORM — save it to your computer and then email it back to us at world seahorse survey

You will always own the copyright to your pictures, but it would be great if we can occasionally use them for our own educational purposes. We never sell or give away other people’s pictures, they are copyright protected.

“All data submitted, unless otherwise requested, will be the property of The Seahorse Trust”

If you are a researcher, then we occasionally share the basic sighting details.
(Not personal details, which are legally protected).

Please click on the button to apply for access by email, let us know who you are and what you need the data for. Please note we do not let commercial companies use our data, if you have an enquiry please email us.

You can browse this map by dragging it around, and zooming in.
Alternately, you can search for a location by entering text in the search box,
labelled, ‘Type here…..’, and clicking one of the matches that appears in the
list below the text box as you type. The map will then change to the location
you selected.

Any problems then please email us on


Please note, to protect the seahorse locations you will see the sightings form
clusters, to the nearest point to the locations. This is part of the map set up,
so individual locations cannot be accessed.