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May 2012


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They did it, Fashion swims for seahorses Ada, Kurt and Nik swam a total of 12km for the seahorses and a massive thank you to them all (including their aches and pains, they picked up on the way) They now deserve a rest after that mammoth task. Its now your turn, there are 3 months left to make a donation for this incedible feat, so please dig deep and even if it is a £1 then please donate, to show your support and dont forget to gift aid it. For every £1 you donate if you are a UK tax payer Virgin Giving can claim 25p in tax you have already paid, so it does not cost you a penny. Thank you so much to the team for their hard work.



Seagrass meadows are dying

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This article in New Scientist is every good reason why we should protect seagrass meadows with the utmost urgency before it is far too late. Campaign very loudly and get those in authority to listen before it is too late not just for seahorses but for us as well.

You can make difference by supporting the trust in its work to get areas around the UK protected, this is now a time issue. If we do not protect these fragile sites they will be gone forever and all the species (including humans), especially seahorses that rely on them will have a very uncertain future.

Support the trust in its work by adopting a seahorse or becoming a member (or just making a donation) and don’t forget Ada and the team are swimming for seahorses this weekend so click on the link in the previous article and sponsor them on their swim.

Ada and the team in

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Ada and the team have been training really hard for the sponsored swim on the 27th and they need your support. Please blog, tweet and facebook everyone you know and get them to dig deep for Team Seahorse.

They have just been featured on

To sponsor the team then please go to

and please do not forget to gift aid any donation, it makes a huge difference.


Fashion Swims for Seahorses

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Dear all, Ada, Kurt and Nik (Team Seahorse),

are doing a swim for seahorses to raise money for the work of The Seahorse Trust on the 27th of May please please please support them. Have a look at their Facebook page and sponsor them through the Virgin Giving donation website
Please pass this on to all your friends and familly and post it on as many media websites as possible. If you could facebook it, Twitter it and spread the word as far and wide as possible, we would love to send it out to at least 100,000 people.

Our three intrepid swimmers need support PLEASE help them to help the seahorses.

Many thanks

Neil Director The Seahorse Trust