Ecomoorings at Studland Bay in Dorset

The Seahorse Trust working with its partners at Boatfolk have put in 10 Ecomoorings into Studland Bay and this is just the start

In August 2021, The Seahorse Trust with its partners at BOATFOLK boating and marina services, installed 10 Ecomoorings as the start of an ambitious project to take pressure off this highly sensitive site, which is home to seagrass and seahorses.

Studland Bay was designated as a Marine Conservation Zone in 2019 after 11 years of studying, surveying and campaigning by the trust and its partners at Southampton University. The site is very important for its seagrass meadow and its population of Spiny Seahorses both of which have been affected by an increase in the number of boats visiting the site.

These Ecomoorings will take the pressure off the site and allow it to recover to favourable conditions, which was the intention of the Marine Conservation Zone.

So how do they work ?

The Ecomoorings are very simple in design as the image to the right shows.

There is a 2-metre helical screw that is sunk (screwed) into the seabed, attached to this is a 2 metre, elasticated riser, that goes up to the mooring buoy on the surface.

As the tide rises the elasticated rode stretches, as it ebbs the riser retracts. This way the riser does not drag or run on the seabed and so the seagrass does not get cut down or eroded.

By having a very small footprint on the seabed (about 16 cm) it allows the seagrass to grow right up to it, giving a greater coverage of seagrass in the area, which increases the quality and area of seagrass for the diverse range of species, such as seahorses that live in it.

Our Partners

Without partners like BOATFOLK this project would not be possible, they have kindly funded this whole project and working with them we hope to go forward and install more.

We had one of the moorings kindly funded by ROCKFISH restaurants and one from a private individual, who did it in memory of a family member. Thank you to everyone and if you want to help this project, please email us and let us know.

GoFundMe fundraiser to take the project to the next step

We have launched a £100,000 fundraising campaign with our partners to take this project to the next stage. We need to raise the money to set up the not-for-profit organisation, employ a person who can run the organisation and ensure the moorings are maintained, insured and we have funds for more in the future. We also want to start buying and installing the next batch of moorings in Studland Bay and identify other sites and partners where we can install them.

Please help us by donating to this urgently needed project,

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