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March 2012

Save our Seahorses (Malaysia)

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Please find the 2010-2011 report from our colleagues at Save our Seahorses in Malaysia. they are doing some amazing work and if you want to know more please have a look at their website which is

Around the world there are a number of small organisations doing incredible work, without them the natural world would be doomed, so please dig deep and try and support us all, without you we cannot help them.

SOS Malaysia report

Kjetil Svendson does a youtube film about Studland Bay

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Have a look at Kjetil Svendson’s Youtube clip about Studland Bay and the problems there. He also shows the simple solution of what can be done such as installing environmentally friendly moorings (EFM’s).

Marine Management Organisation have offered in their last meeting to pay for and install 50 EFM moorings, so fingers crossed this will be done before the new season.

The Seahorse Trust warmly welcomes Ellie and Monty as patrons

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The Seahorse Trust is incredibly lucky to be supported by a wide range of people from all walks of life and our patrons are very special to us. From a variety of differing backgrounds they support the work we do and we would like to welcome Ellie Harrison and Monty Halls onboard as our newest patons.

Both Ellie and Monty have amazing widlife backgrounds and both are fascinated by the natural world, especially the marine world. In their different ways they have promoted the marine environment and the problems and amazing diversity in it.

We look forward to working with them both over the years and we would like to say a massive thank you to them both for their support of the trust and the work it does.


Ellie Harrison

Monty Halls

Monty Halls