Seahorse Biology, Ecology and Conservation Course


Have you ever wondered why a seahorse is like it is?  What makes these ‘little horses of the sea’ so unique and so well adapted to their watery world?

Are they a fish, a monkey or a chameleon – seahorses show so many traits from so many different species, it is hard to decide exactly what they are? In this unique course you will find out the answers to these questions and many more.

Our new online Seahorse Biology, Ecology and Conservation course allows you to learn about this enigmatic species at your own pace and includes 12 sessions on topics such as Taxonomy and Diversity, Camouflage and Colour Change, Migration, Human Impacts and Conservation Measures to name but a few, along with an online Learners Community. 

The full online course costs just £65 – giving you unlimited access to 12 learning modules. The Introductory Session is free to access, so if you wish to learn more about the course and what we do at the Trust please click here. 

To sign up to either of our courses or for further information please contact

The Seahorse Trust 

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The development of this course has been possible due to the kind funding support received by Sea-Changers. We thank them for their ongoing support as do the Sea-Changer Learners who have received their grants to fund their placements on the course.

For more information on this amazing charity please click on their logo below.

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Seahorse Survey Course


Once you have completed the online course you may want to know more about survey techniques used in studying these amazing creatures in the wild, you can find this in our online Survey Course.

The Seahorse Biology, Ecology and Conservation Course costs just £65.

At present we are offering both courses if booked and paid for together for a discounted price of £120.