Bermuda Seahorse Project

Working in partnership with Jessica Reiderer to record the seahorses of Bermuda

The Seahorse Trust works with many partners throughout the world, and we also advise many projects on surveys, captive breeding and education through our Seahorse Alliance.

Not only do we work with organisations, we also work with individuals who are passionate about their environment and especially seahorses.

One of these dedicated people is Jessica Reiderer of Bermuda, who has been recording and photographing the seahorses for many years and has made many discoveries along the way.

These stunning images by Jess have full copyright on them. Please do not use them without permission.

Amongst the many behaviours Jess has seen are courtship, mating and predation, where they hunt for tiny shrimps amongst the sponges.

By analysing the images we can see behaviour, species, the sex of the seahorses, and crucially, the habitat they live in.

All of this helps us to understand the seahorses and advise the authorities on the best way to protect them.

The habitat the seahorses are found in varies from sponges to algae, and into the mangrove tree roots, where they can hide from predators.

Jessica spends most days recording and photographing the seahorses around Bermuda.

In her work she has discovered them in areas previously unrecorded, or in different numbers than previously thought.

Her stunning photography has led us to understand the genus in greater detail and to determine which species live in the area, with 2 recorded so far:

The Slender Seahorse (Hippocampus reidi) and the Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus).