Volunteering team find increasingly rare seahorse

By March 3, 2014The Seahorse Trust News

A team of volunteers from Kenna Eco Diving’s Marine Research and Conservation team http://www.kennaecodiving.net/eco-home found two adult Spiny Seahorses (Hippocampus guttulatus) at Cala Montgo in Spain. The team were doing an underwater litter clean up and came across the yellow seahorses. One was female but they could not identify the sex of the other one. Unusually the seahorses were out in the open and the survey team is not sure why; they are usually found in the seagrass beds (Posidonia oceanica) and had probably been disturbed.

These beautiful seahorses are becoming rarer in this area due to many reasons so it was good to find them.

Kenna Diving run projects using eco-diving volunteers and through their projects, they are beginning to understand more about this very fragile habitat and the myriad of species that live in their area.

S3 H.guttulatus Gaynor Rosier

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