Thoughts about seahorses from Lila

By July 27, 2013The Seahorse Trust News

Here at the trust we have just reached 600 members on our facebook page and we have supporters from all ages, including Lila one of our younger supporters. Lila and her Seahorse team kindly made some bead things to sell to raise money for the trust and its work and she has written a paragraph below saying why she loves seahorses. We have pasted all Lilas pictures and comments with permission from her Mum and Dad who we would like to thank for encouraging her in her love for the natural world.

My name is Lila and i have been rasing money at school to save the seahorses. I have loved seahorses since I was two and a half. I went to a sealife sanctuary and saw them and found them fascinating. I like seahorses because they are so different from any other animal and they are quite cute. I think that seahorses should be saved because they are an amazing creature and if we lose them then it’s another species gone. As well as this they don’t get as much attention as most other endangered animals do because they are so small. I don’t think that it is fair to kill seahorses for us especially becuase they have not done anything to harm us.  One of my favourite things about seahorses is thier tale and thier long nose.

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