Thank you SeaLife Centres and your guests

By December 20, 2013The Seahorse Trust News

The only way forward in understanding about seahorses is to form partnerships around the world and our ongoing partnership with the Sea Life Group is vital to our research and knowledge but Sealife and its amazing staff and visitors bring more to this as well. We have been nominated for the second year running as the Seahorse charity that sealife is raising funds for in Europe. The collection vortexes in each of the European Sealife Centres have been dedicated to the trust, so every penny put into these vortexes comes to the trust to help fund our work. I would like to publically thank the Sealife group and their visitors for their amazing support, without them we could not do so much. So next time your in a sealife Centre please drop a penny into their vortexes and support the work we are all doing together.

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