Thank you E-bay

By January 28, 2015The Seahorse Trust News

We have just had another success with E-bay, one of our supporters reported in a rare live seahorse for sale on E-bay, which somehow got through the E-bay filter system and so we set Agent K on to the job. Agent K is head of our Illegal trade team (affectionately known as Agent K because we need to protect her identity) and she is brilliant and keeps on top of E-bay (Poor E-bay). After reporting the sale to E-bay , the team in charge of illegal sales at E-bay reacted very quickly and removed it. They also sent correspondence to the seller educating them about selling protected species on the site. Thank you so much to E-bay for reacting so quickly and thank you to Agent K for getting on the case and importantly thank you to our supporter who kindly reported the sale in to us. It is only by all of us working together that we can keep the lid on this trade and protect seahorses for the future

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