Spiny Seahorses being measured by trust volunteer Beccy

By July 27, 2011The Seahorse Trust News

During one of our dives last Saturday (24/7/2010) we spotted two new seahorses a male and a female and excitingly it was the first seahorses that our volunteer Beccy has seen on the site. Beccy is being trained to be part of our survey tagging team and you can see from the pictures as the Seahorse is being measured and having its profile picture being taken for the database.

E366b H_guttulatus resized NGM

Beccy holding the seahorse to have its profile taken for the database.

E367d H_guttulatus resized NGM

The female Spiny Seahorse being measured, this just takes seconds and does not cause the Seahorse any stress at all. The spines on younger Seahorses tend to be longer and they ‘wear’ as the seahorse gets older.

E367b H_guttulatus resized NGM

The Seahorses profile which is used to help identify individual Seahorses that are too small to tag. Each Seahorses has a unique set of spines and by taking a profile picture we can keep a record in our database. As can be seen from the picture the spines branch which led to the original name of Many Bracnched Seahorse.

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