Short Snouted Seahorses have luxury travel

By July 21, 2012The Seahorse Trust News

A conservation partnership between The Seahorse Trust and London Zoological Society was given luxury travel last week. The Seahorse Trust was given some Short Snouted Seahorses (Hippocampus hippocampus) from London Zoo as part of a long term breeding project but the cost of transporting the Seahorses from London to Devon was just too much to find, so Pete smith from GAC Logistics kindly stepped in and transported the seahorses in his car from London to the trust in Devon. This amazing gesture meant that the seahorses arrived in style and comfort. We would like to offer our thanks to London Zoo for the seahorses but especially GAC and Pete Smith for kindly stepping in to bring them to us. We hope now that they arrived nice and relaxed the seahorses will get around to the serious business of breeding to secure a population in captivity.


Pete with his precious cargo as it is opened in Devon


A Shout Snouted Seahorse settled in its tank

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