The Seahorse trust on radio 4’s Saving Species Programme

By November 11, 2011The Seahorse Trust News

The Seahorses Trust was on Saving Species on Radio on Tuesday the 8th and repeated on Thursday the 10th of November where we were talking about the tagging project at Studland Bay in Dorset and about seahorses in general. There has been fantastic feedback from the public about the article including lots of boating organisations that want to know how they can alleviate the problems that anchors are causing in the sea.

On the same programme reporter Helen Scales did a report on tagging seahorses in Tampa Bay Florida. Leslee and her team in Florida are using a different form of tagging for the diminutive Dwarf Seahorses which are only 5cm

Both sites, the one in Florida and the Studland bay face the same sort of problems with boat anchors eroding the site but in Florida they have the additional problem of farm run offs and pollution.

We are seeing the same problems occurring around the world in the shallow seagrass beds and the only way it can be sorted is by working together and putting in measures to protect the seas for the future.

The Saving Species programme can be found on the BBC I-player.

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