Seahorse fry (baby) at Studland

On Saturday the 28th of August Seahorse Trust divers found the smallest Seahorse on the site since the survey started.

The female Spiny Seahorse who is only about 2 months old would have been born in June of this year and it is fantastic news.  Over the years of the survey we have found adults, including pregnant males and juveniles and we knew they were giving birth on the site but we always wondered where the babies (fry ) went to and know we know they remain on the site but are very difficult to see. Despite the awful weather on Saturday (1 metre visibilty) this pretty ,small Seahorse was seen clinging to a piece of seagrass. The trust researchers managed to take measurements and some photographs before it set sail deeper into the seagrass bed,

At this age the fry will be looking for the best areas to feed and set up their territories and subject to no other Seahorse being in residence they will set up home and hold this territory until the first of the storms come in the Autumn when they move into deeper safer waters.

Out of the 3 to 5 hundred fry born to each male every month less than 2 or 3 will survive to adulthood due to predation by all sorts of fish species. Seahorse fry are a nice bite sized piece of food for them. In turn Seahorse fry eat a staggering 3,000 plus pieces of plankton every 24 hours.

resized E392b H_guttulatus NGM

The 4cm fry being measured on the seagrass.

resized E392i H_guttulatus NGM

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