Seahorse film and the Traditional Medicine Trade

By August 4, 2012The Seahorse Trust News

Dear all,

please have a look at this 8 minute film about seahorses and the traditional medicine trade. This film has been cut together from an hour long documentary called The Seahorseman which is to be shown on the 24th of August on the Eden Channel. The Seahorseman was put together by Gillian Marsh TV in Ireland who have been following our friend Kealan Doyle from Seahorses Aquariums for many years and this is the latest of many documentaries about him, The Seahorse Trust and our parnership.

This short but very informative film was put together with our thanks by Widlaid using GMTV’s footage and is being seen on 93% of internal flights in China, to help educate about the problems of the medicine trade and its devastating affect on seahorses in the wild. It is hoped that the sort of up and coming young Chinese who use these flights will help to change the use of Seahorses and other species in this trade which is not sustainable.

With our partners at Save Our Seahorses, the SEALIFE Centres and others we are putting together a Seahorse Alliance made up of many groups, organisations and individuals to make a difference. A dedictaed website is being put together at the moment and you will have your chance to have your voice heard by siging a petition against this use of seahorses and others species in the TCM trade.

Please support us to help them

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