Seahorse breeding project at MCC in Cambodia

By February 22, 2013The Seahorse Trust News

Please have a look at the piece of video (link below) that is on our Facebook page, it is of seahorse fry that have been bred by Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC). This is a joint project between MCC, Save Our Seahorses (SOS) in Dublin and The Seahorse Trust (TST).

Paul and Zac at MCC have worked very hard to produce these fry and it is a superb effort on their part to get these very healthy looking fry, to this stage. Looking very carefullly at the video it can be seen that the fry have a good body weight, are swimming well and you can even see some of the fry eating. Looking very closely there is a slight orange tinge to the front of the gut which is the food the fry are feeding on.

Cambodia like so many countries in the Far East have had their seahorse stocks decimated due to illegal fishing, even though seahorses are fully protected in law in Cambodia. These fry are vitally important to the future of Seahorses in Cambodia and we wish Paul and Zac well in their amazing efforts to the conservation of seahorses.

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