Saxon Seahorse?

By December 17, 2014The Seahorse Trust News

Every so often something very beautiful and mystical comes across our desk and one of them is part of the Staffordshire Hoard, an amazing collection of Saxon gold and precious items from 1400 years ago.
Please have a look at the link below for the full story but what tweaked our interest here at the trust was the ‘Seahorse’ objects. Stylised pieces that look like a seahorse with some very typical seahorse features such as the dorsal fin on the back and the slight upturn to th…e end of the snout and the ridges on the body. At the moment they are being considered to be stylised land horses but looking very closely at them there are so many features that would make them seahorses and with seahorses found around our coastline and the Saxons taking their inspiration from nature, it is possible the artist used a real seahorse to illustrate their art.
What do you think?
The pictures have been used with full permission from the Birmingham Museum and are subject to their copyright ©Birmingham Museums Trust
Check out the link to the full hoard at…/see-it-in-birmingham

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