Sad farewell to Steve

By July 27, 2011The Seahorse Trust News

Its with sadness we have to say goodbye to our original volunteer Steve at the Seahorse Tagging Project at Studland. Without Steve this project would not have happened and he has worked hard over the last few years in spotting Seahorses and helping us with the tagging work.

Steve is well known for his marine and terrestrial conservation work and was very instrumental in getting Lyme Bay made into a protected area. His photography is well known and he has kindly lent The Seahorse Trust a number of images in the past.

Steve has decided to go a different route in his conservation work and we wish him all the best for the future and should he wish to come back we would appreciate his ‘eagle’ eye in spotting Seahorses.

Steve holding a Seahorse prior to its profile picture being taken.

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