Research trip to Cambodia

By June 22, 2012The Seahorse Trust News

I have just come back from a fact finding trip to Cambodia with Kealan from Save our Seahorses in Ireland ( and would like to thank Paul from Marine Conservation Cambodia and Suzi from Projects Abroad ( for hosting and funding the trip and a special thanks to the Government and people of Cambodia for their warm welcome and hospitality.
We looked at the Islands of Koh Rong Samleon and Koh Rong for seahorses and we found 6 in total of 2 different species. Recently the site has been devastated by trawling and our work with everyone else was to devise projects to ensure the future of the seahorses and the habitat in the area and also to understand more about the biology and ecology of the seahorses and the environment.
With this in mind we are setting up an aquaculture project in Sihanoukville on the mainland to release seahorses back into the wild and a wide range of projects on the islands, looking at the jungle as well as the sea. This is just an early stage of the project and already we have had the go ahead form the Cambodian Government for many parts of the work and I would like to offer my sincere thanks for their hospitality and kindness. This is an exciting project for all concerned as it will allow us to bring our expertise to this much needed area. As things progress I will keep you all updated on the project and the work.


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