On Thursday the 9th of December we recorded an article for Radio 4’s Open Country which is to be aired on Saturday the 18th of December at 6.07am and to be repeated Thursday the 23rd at 3pm.

Trust Director Neil and volunteer diver Beccy from the trust and Dr Ken Collins from Southampton University were interviewed about the work of the trust, the problems with the seagrass at Studland and the forthcoming protection of South Beach at Studland Bay in Dorset. Also interviewed were Nick Warner and Mike Potterton  local residents for their views.

The programme will be putting forward the mixed views on the site and the need for the site to become protected from overuse by anchors and the mooring bouys. The trust has been advocating the use of environmentally friendly moorings so that this site can still be used by boat owners but will not suffer the damage that is occuring at the moment. Dr Collins recently published a paper on the damage at Studland which clearly shows this fragile site is degrading and cannot take the amount of use it recieves at the moment.

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