Marine Management Zone meeting

By April 15, 2011The Seahorse Trust News

The Seahorse Trust attended the second Marine Management Organisation’s meeting about the future of Studland Bay in Dorset on Thursday the 14th of April. It was a lively meeting at times but it looks as though Studland is going to become a Marine Protected Zone over the next 2 years due to campaiging by Seahorse Trust supporters and others.
Even the boating community is beginning to accept that the site needs protecting and we all need to work together to keep the pressure up for this to happen and for all of us to work together to ensure the future of this amazing site.
Studland is a fascinating site with seagrass, Seahorses (both species), Undulate Rays and a host of other offically protected species on but due to overuse and the destruction caused by up to 350 boats per day in the summer it is being destoyed.
Despite the legal protection the various species have it is still being destroyed and the Marine Protected Zone status will help to ensure that this site stands a chance of surviving.

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