Manta Rays and the natural world.

By March 12, 2013The Seahorse Trust News

I know this is not seahorses but the principal is the same, our natural world is being destroyed at an ever increasing speed and as we speak there is a chance to put Manta Rays on CITES II, please go the Mega Fauna website to read about it. Please be warned the site contains some horrific images of dead Manta Rays.
It is a fact that if we do not all act very soon, our natural world will be unbalanced to a point of no return, we are already seeing the results in strange weather patterns, millions of species such as seahorses killed for a fruitless trade every year, our forests still being cut down like grass, even here in the UK money counts for more than our amazing countryside as stated by Richard Benyon the Environment Minister in his recent ‘public consultation’ over the proposed marine conservation zones. Please lobby, shout or even scream at anyone and everyone who can make a difference to the marine conservation zone process, the closing date is the 31st of March.

Please don’t forget to sign your friends up to be members or to adopt a seahorse, the more funds we can generate the more we can do.

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