Lily the Mermaid

By March 9, 2014The Seahorse Trust News

At the moment Lily is in Cambodia checking out the amazing seahorses and will be with Paul and the team from Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) and the volunteers from Projects Abroad  (PA) next week. She will be quite a spectacle as she has taken her mermaids tail with her, so will give the locals and the seahorses quite a shock.

Don’t forget you can sign up to help in the seahorse research in Cambodia by visiting the Projects Abroad website. This year there will be the choice of a second site in the East of the country in the beautiful Kep Province.

There is a link to MCC and Projects Abroad on the links page and Lily the Mermiads website is

Page :  10 11 12   Volunteers for the trust come in all shapes sizes and now it seems species. Lily the Mermaid has knidly offered to support the work of the trust through events. Lily is a professional Circus performer, fire dancer and Mermaid and she has kindly offered to make a small donation from any event she is booked to do specifically when booked in aid of The Seahorse Trust. Check out her website and see what lily and her fellow performers can do and if you are dong a fund raising event for the trust you can book Lily or her team (and don’t forget Percy the Seahorse dragon who can also be booked).

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