Large seahorse found in Poole Harbour

Fisherman Michael Bailey has found another large seahorse in Poole Harbour. A few years ago Michael found a very large male Spiny Seahorse that measured almost 30 cm from the top of the head to the end of the tail.

A few days ago he found another one and this male was very heavily pregnant. Michael said that he found 3 this year but numbers are dropping as he usually found so much more.

The Seahorse Trust has worked closely with Michael for several years and he very kindly took us out to look for seahorses in Poole Harbour a few years ago, on that dive we found 3, all Spiny Seahorses.

Poole Harbour has both species resident in it and it is thought that they are there permanently and do not migrate to deeper water because of the sheltered nature of the harbour.

E500d Hippocampus guttulatus Michael BaileyE500c Hippocampus guttulatus Michael Bailey

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