Kim fights the illegal trade in seahorses on behalf of the trust

Dear all, we now have the e-mail address for the illegal trade in seahorses and a statement from Kim our coordinator who has offered to take on this voluntary role of looking into and campaigning against the curio trade on E-bay and other sites on our behalf. I would like to say a massive thank you to Kim for doing this.

Kim says:-
As you will have seen in the last newsletter, we are very concerned by the number of real sea horse sales that are taking place illegally on eBay and other sites. These are usually in the form of keyrings, paperweights and even jewelry.

I decided I wanted to do something about this terrible trade, and I am now working in partnership with E-bay (who have been very helpful) and other agencies to bring an end to these illegal sales.

If you spot any real sea horse items for sale from any source (not just eBay) please email me at illegaltrade@localhost , this will let me be able to monitor the number of such items so I can report them to our interested partners.

Remember that it’s illegal to buy or sell seahorses, dead or alive, or parts thereof anywhere in Europe and it is illegal to sell out of or import into America seahorses, dead or alive, or parts thereof.
Every seahorse that is stopped from being sold helps to protect the seahorses worldwide so please help us to help them. We would like to get this ban imposed worldwide and it is only with public opinion that this will happen, thank you. Kim.

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