GAC logistics donates to the trust

By February 25, 2012The Seahorse Trust News

GAC Logistics is the largest independant global, shipping, logistics and marine company in the world and have kindly made a donation for the research work at Studland Bay.

GAC are responsible for helping to ship captive bred seahorses and other fish species around the world to the different research and captive breeding projects that are looking into saving the marine species of the world. Without this care and attention we could not do so much work to understand the needs of fragile species.

As well as their conservation logistics they also have a dedicated team for humanitarian aid, which supports the work of the United Nations World Food Programme bringing aid where ever it is needed throughout the world. This huge company spans the world and through its humanitarian and conservation work is making a huge difference to the human and environmental world.

GAC want to develop long term links with the trust and we hope to develop relations with them much further as time and our projects develop.

We would like to offer our thanks to GAC and particularly Peter Smith Fish Manager from London GAC for this kind donation which will directly help the work at Studland.

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