First seahorse for volunteer diver Steph

Volunteer diver Steph found her first seahorse on Saturday. Felix, named by Steph is a male Spiny Seahorse that has a developed pouch but was not pregnant when we saw him, which was surprise as it is near the full moon, the optimum time for seahorses to give Birth. The huge smile on Stephs face said it all when we came to the surface and she could not stop smiling for ages afterwards.
Felix pictured below was 13.5 cm long and was just big enough to tag and his official number is 002. We will now follow Felix’s movements throughout the season and the information we gather will help us to ensure further protection for seahorses here in the UK.
By working with others such as SOS in Ireland, MCC in Cambodia, the people of Cambodia, SOS in Malaysia, the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth and the SEALIFE Group around the world we can work towards a better future for seahorses and other marine species around the globe.


E430d H.guttulatus Steph aa

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