Divers at Studland Bay in Dorset.

We have been very busy this season diving on the study site at South Beach in Studland Bay in Dorset. With a large team of volunteers, we have now been diving several times a week  for a  few months and finding and tagging seahorses on most of the dives.

Strangely the seagrass bed has been covered with a thick layer of hair algae this year for several weeks which has led to some very strange positions for divers underwater as they have been upside down looking under the weed and finding the Seahorses.

We have a large number of dives planned for the summer and we kindly ask the boating community to look out for our dive flags which show clearly where the divers are. Earlier this season we had a few boat owners being silly with the divers in the water which without quick action by the divers could have been very dangerous indeed, possibly leading to serious injury or even death.

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