Digging up the seagrass at Studland

Dear all I have just posted a video taken by the trust’s volunteer divers at Studland on Friday the 7th of September. It shows the antics of a ‘responsible’ boat owner who had dug up a large clump of seagrass at Studland as he anchored up his boat.

After filming we chatted with this person who did not care about the seagrass, seahorses or anything as long as he could anchor his boat at Studland which apparently he had done for 30 years. Judging by his seamanship skills he hadn’t learnt much in that time. The anchor chain he laid out was tens of metres long and the clump of newly dug up seagrass was 2 metres wide and 1.5 metres high and full of dislodged seagrass as can be seen by the fresh roots exposed.


Please let the marine management Organisation know your feelings after you have seen this through their website which is


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