Countryfile at Studland Bay

On Tuesday the 10th of August Countryfile came down to our study site at Studland to film the work we are doing with tagging the Seahorses. Trust director Neil trained Ellie prior to the dive to be able to hold the Seahorses without stressing them so that he could photograph the profile pictures of each of the Seahorses so that it could be added to the database. The data being gathered about this unique colony of Seahorses is allowing the trust to help put the information into management plans for Studland Bay in Dorset and the other Seahorses around the British Isles.

The tagging work is done under very strict conditions as part of the Trusts license and anyone wanting to work with Seahorses in the wild in England need to have a license to film (or photograph) or work with them.


Ellie holding one of the Spiny Seahorses ready to have its profile picture taken


Ellie talking to the camera explaining about the work of the trust


The film crew working in the pouring rain and wind

The Countryfile programme is to be aired on Sunday 22nd of August 2010 on BBC One.

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