Donating via Ko-fi

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As with all charities, donations are vital to our work.  Now there is another way you start donating to The Seahorse Trust – for the price of a cuppa!  Ko-fi allows people to donate via their website the price of a cup of coffee (£3).  You can buy as many cups of coffee as you like, and the donations all go towards funding our vital work to save the world’s seahorses.  Here is just some of the work we have been able to do with your kind donations:

– advise projects all around the world, including 7 governments, organisations and individuals on all aspects of seahorse education and conservation (our two key functions)









– We have volunteers in over 30 different countries looking for seahorses for us in seahorse surveys in the sea and for the various trades such as the curio and medicine trades; only by gathering this information can we have a greater understanding of seahorses in the wild and as they are used for the various trades that are sending them towards extinction.

Seahorse drying in the sun









– This year we are hoping to start a project in April/May in Jordan to assist the Jordanian government on seahorse surveys, education and captive breeding of their native seahorses for release back into the wild. The is a tri-country project which includes Jordan, Ireland and ourselves but set up and organised by us.

– One of our main projects is the World Seahorse Survey and we started this back in 1994 and is now the longest running continuous survey of its kind in the world. The information form this survey is used for the conservation and education about seahorses throughout the world.

– The other main project is about the illegal trade in seahorses and other marine life and we hope to get these horrendous trades banned entirely.


If you would like to donate, please click on the link below and thank you very much for your generosity.

Thank you Topsham Wines

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I would like to say a massive thank you to big Jim, Andrew and the team at Topsham Wines in Topsham, Devon. They held a wine tasting on Thursday evening and nominated us as one of their 3 local charities to support and they kindly raised £120 towards our research and conservation work. Topsham Wines have been friends of the trust for many years and are great supporters of our work.

Check out their website and if you’re in Topsham have a look around the shop, they have a very large selection of fine wines from around the world.

Their website is


Ada Zanditon shows her seahorse inspired collection at London Fashion Week

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Ada’s collection named Poseisus explores themes that are hinted at in the title of the collection, a portmanteau derived from Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, and the fantastical Pegasus, the gleaming white winged horse. The collection references Greek Goddesses and the elegant structured beauty of the two native species of British seahorses; The Spiny Seahorse and The Short Snouted Seahorse which has inspirited her range of luxury women’s wear designed to be worn with effortless elegance.
Accompanying the collection, the exhibit on Ada’s Stand featured a digital installation which was created in collaboration with The Seahorse Trust.. The installation showcased the key inspiration for the collection by showing the colourful delicate beauty of the seahorse via a virtual digital fish-tank installation where visitors were be able to get a close-up intimate glimpse of seahorses in their natural environment. The film footage on display was kindly provided by SEALIFE to promote seahorse conservation in a way that has never been done before, and many thanks goes to Ellie Cowley, Christian Cutler and Mark Oakley at SEALIFE.
Visitors were invited to go to the stand and view the new collection, which this season thematically expresses the interconnected global fragility of island coastal environments in linking British coastal habitats with the strong resilience, primitive energy and fierce spirit of Haitian Island life.

Ada is passionate about the natural world and we would like to thank her so much for supporting The Seahorse Trust and many thanks go to our partners at SEALIFE for funding the digital installation on the stand.
Ada Zanditons website               

SEALIFE website                          

Watch out for Ada’s sponsored swim coming up in December where she hopes to raise funds for the trust’s ongoing conservation and research work. Ada is gathering an enthusiastic  team of volunteers to ‘Swim for Seahorses’. Keep checking this site or Ada’s site for details of how you can sponsor the swimmers.

Virgin Giving link to the Stop the Curio Campaign

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We have now launched our Stop the Curio Trade Campaign on Virgin Giving, which is a very safe way of donating to your chosen cause.

Please help us by donating through Virgin Giving and help us to make the Curio Trade a thing of the past.

Click the link below and go straight to the Virgin Giving Campaign page.


Dalkey Ladies Rowing team support Save Our Seahorses

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The Dalkey ladies rowing team has recently been supporting our colleagues in Ireland at Save Our Seahorses in Dublin

It is currently run by Nadine Cunningham who took over from her father.

Dalkey Rowing Club has been based out of Coliemore Harbour since the beginning from all records that can be found. The modern Dalkey Rowing Club was founded in 1950. Dalkey Rowing Club has a tradition of winning throughout the 19th and 20th centuries and with great beginnings into the 21st century. Skiff rowing in Dalkey, in common with other East Coast Rowing Clubs, is passed on to us from the hobblers of old. The hobbler men who rowed fishing and pilot boats in Coliemore Harbour and all around the east coast rowed much bigger and heavier boats than the present day skiff. However, the tradition has been passed on from the Hobblers of the 18th and 19th Century to Dalkey Rowing Club and the sister clubs up and down the east coast of Ireland, and is honoured today through the many regattas held up and down the coast during the summer months.

By wearing Save Our Seahorse T-shorts the ladies of Dalkey gave a much needed boost to the campaign and we would like to thank for such a great display and effort.


Not good news at Studland Bay

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studland beach

Dear everyone,

Still no seahorses at South Beach (Studland Bay) this year despite so many hours in the water. The seagrass bed is like a desert with little to no life. Not only is it fragmented it the seagrass beyond the leading edge is very short and the scoop marks where the anchors have been are so obvious.

Please help to push this campaign as we need to try and get the authorities to change their minds and the only way to do this is collect data and information about the site. We have been running our Studland Seahorse Project since 2009 and the numbers have just crashed at the same time the seagrass has degraded. It has to be protected in line with international laws and environmental demands. Please dig deep and support our work.
Thank you.

PLease check out our GoFundMe page

E-bay bans sales of seahorses in Australia

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Following on from our success with E-bay in Europe and the USA we are pleased to announce that E-bay have now added Australia to its list of continents that are banned from selling seahorses (alive or dead, in part or as a whole) unless you have a license.

E-bay has followed Australia’s strict conservation laws and has invoked the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). Under this act a license is required to buy or sell seahorses into or out of Australia.

All of Australia’s Seahorse and sea Dragon species are on the list

The act can be found at

Here at the trust we fully welcome E-bays stance on this matter and would like to thank them for their hard work in banning sales throughout Europe, the USA and now Australia.

Already the bans have made a big difference and numbers are dropping, however as good as E-bays filters are, sometimes sales get through, so if you see some for sale please let our Illegal trade team know on illegaltrade@localhostso they can deal with it.