Amys Lands end to John O’Groats cycle ride

By October 14, 2011The Seahorse Trust News


I am raising money for The Seahorse Trust who champion the protection of Seahorses within the UK.

On 20th August 2011 I set off from John o’Groats with an old university friend. Together over the next 11 1/2 days we traversed the country covering 1000.9 miles to achieve our goal! At 5pm on 31st August we reached our destination – Lands End.

It was hard, there were lots of hills, I wasn’t a particularly experienced cyclist and quite frankly felt a bit mad cycling down the country.

The Seahorse Trust is a small charity that works exceptionally hard with the small amount of resources they have to raise awareness of Seahorses.

If hearing about my journey has inspired you or if you know me and are just surprised I made (in one piece!) then please feel free to make a donation towards this worthy cause.

I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations and you can donate via Virgin Giving at the following link.

Amy x

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