Seahorses in a Pollack???

Fisherman Peter Guille had the surprise of his life a week ago when he pulled a Pollack out of the water off the Channel Island of Sark. When he lifted the Pollack from the water he saw a Seahorse hanging from its mouth which in itself was amazing but imagine his surpise when he gutted the Pollack to find 55 others in its belly including 4 that were still alive. Peter put the live seahorse back into the sea and the rest into a bucket and on returning to shore he contacted local widlife filmaker (and seahorse sightings coordinator for the trust in the Channel Islands) Sue Daly and she went to investigate and take some pictures. When Sue got there she found that 4 were still alive and donning her SCUBA gear she packed up the live seahorses and took them back under the water to release them, which she did in the local Harbour. After spending some time with the seahorses Sue happily left them to their own devices and hopefully they survived their ordeal inside the Pollack, bit like Jonah and the whale.

What is more amazing is that these small Short Snouted Seahorses (all juveniles about 3 to 4 cm long) were almost all female.

This remarkable incident is even more strange because of how difficult seahorses are to find in the wild due to their cryptic nature. In the past we have only had a couple of occurences of mass findings like this but all the previous ones have been seagulls eating seahorses.

Perhaps we should train Pollack to find seahorses for us when we are doing our survey work!!

The pictures below (copyright Sue Daly 2014) show the ones that sadly did not survive and the ones that did and Peter the fisherman who had the quick thought to put them back in the wild and contact Sue. Many thanks to both of them for all of this

Marine reserve the size of Mexico

Right now, the US government is receiving public comments on whether or not to create the world's largest Marine Protected Area in the Pacific Ocean. But President Obama is under enormous pressure from a powerful fishing lobby to water down the plan.

We can’t let that happen -- majestic whales, turtles and fish stocks are all disappearing. Scientists say the best way to save our oceans is to protect large swaths from exploitation so that marine life can recover. Four years ago, we played a pivotal role persuading the UK government to create a massive marine sanctuary in the Indian Ocean, and the UK Foreign Ministry cited our campaign in its announcement. Now, if we all speak out, we can create a reserve the size of Mexico!

If we send Obama a tidal wave of global public support now, we will empower him to counter opposition and help save our oceans for generations to come. Sign the petition and tell everyone -- let's deliver one million voices before the official consultation closes in days.

New website and Facebook page

Dear all excitingly we are updating our website at the moment and hope to have a shop attached to it by the end of the year, which will be great for all those people that want seahorses memorabilia. We already have one or two items of one off jewellary and art works that have been donated to help raises funds for us.

PLease also check out our Facebook page where you can find lots of exciting things happening in the seahorse world.

Seahorse decline continues

Aklexandra Andersson, has written a sobering article for Time Magazine at the link below

(please cop-y and paste)

In the article Alex has listed 5 species (the very tip of the iceberg) that are disappearing rapdly despite legal protection. Ou planet is reliant on the balance of our eco-systems if we allow this constant erosuion of the web of life to continue then eventually it will collapse. We are already witnessing food shoratges, water pollution and habitat loss and what is left is a carefully manicured, artifical environment. Sadly there will come a time when this builds to such a level that a worldwide problem accours. We have time to stop it but we have to act now before it is too late.

Seahorse swim at Studland filmed by Ross Birnie

Please have a look at this video on you Tube which was filmed by Ross Birnie and Will Goldenburg of the annual seahorse swim on Studland Beach. Thank you so much to everyone involved and especially to Ross and will for putting the film together.

Sam is amazing with his fund raising

Thank you so much to Sam at OS Aquatics in Wool Dorset who has kindly nominated us as his charity to raise funds for. our work In his annual tidy up of his bedroom, Sam found lots of things to sell and has set up a stall outside of OS Aquatics and within just a few days he has raised £44 towards the work of The Sehorse Trust. We think he is amazing and is certainly a Seahorse Champion. Thanks Sam.

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