Joint Adopt a Seahorse scheme with MCS

Dear all, we have a formed a partnership with our colleagues at the Marine Conservation Society and we now have a joint Adopt a Seahorse in addition to our own adopt a seahorse scheme. By working together we can get the message about the plight of seahorses out to a bigger audience and make a differnce. The Adopt a Seahorse will provide funds to both organisations so we can carry out conservation, research and education programmes to benefit seahorses and the marine environment. Why not sign up to the Adopt a Seahorse for Christmas (at the link below) at it would make a fantastic present and you will be helping seahorses and the environment at the same time.


Interview by Graduates from Winchester University

We recently had a great group of students come to The Seahorse Trust headquarters to interview us about the largest seahorses ever found in the world.

The Seahorse Trust work with students and graduates of all ages throughout the year and this is the 4th year in a row we have taken part in a video. The student work ranges from 3 to 5 year olds doing a school project all the way up and through to graduates.

This is a great way for them to gain experinece and for us to work closey with all ages to get the message out there.

Please click here to go directly to the video



Thank you Topsham Wines

I would like to say a massive thank you to big Jim, Andrew and the team at Topsham Wines in Topsham, Devon. They held a wine tasting on Thursday evening and nominated us as one of their 3 local charities to support and they kindly raised £120 towards our research and conservation work. Topsham Wines have been friends of the trust for many years and are great supporters of our work.

Check out their website and if your in Topsham have a look around the shop, they have a bvery large selecation of fine wines from around the world.

Their website is

Virgin Giving link to the Stop the Curio Campaign

We have now launched our Stop the Curio Trade Campiagn on Virgin Giving, which is a very safe way of donating to your chosen cause.

Please help us by donating through Virgin Giving and help us to make the Curio Trade a thing of the past.

Click the banner below and go staright to the Virgin Giving Campaign page.

In memory of Geoff Milne

Very sadly an old friend of the trust Geoff Milne passed away. Geoff had been a great supporter of our work and a great seahorse fan. In his memory his family and friends made a donation to the trust instead of having flowers at the funeral and they kindly raised £171. We would like to thank them all for this kind donation and thank you to Geoff for all his support over the years.

Trustee jennie finishes the 10km swim in aid of the Seahorse Trust

Seahorse Trustee Jennie, took part and completed her 10km swim on the River Dart in aid of The Seahorse Trust and raised £137 (including Gift Aid) for her amazing hard work.

This race is a real feat of endurance and Jennie kept up with the leaders all the way.

From all of us at The Seahorse Trust we would like to thank Jennie not just for her hard work behind the scenes, helping to guide the trust in its day to day work but also for taking part in the open water swimming race and raising much needed funds for us.

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