Thank you Kealan and save Our Seahorses

kealan and the team at Save Our Seahorses in Dublin Ireland have made a very generous donation of £355 through the Go Fund Me campaign.

Kealan and the team have been long term partners of The Seahorses Trust and they are working hard on research into captive breeding for conservation and understanding the Traditional Medicine Trade.

It was Kealans work that exposed the numbers of seahorses being used in the traditional medicine trade as much higher than the offical figures, he discovered it is nearer 150 million per annum which could lead to seahorses being functionally extinct in 20 to 30 years.

Petition now closed and submitted

The Care 2 petition to DEFRA to get them to change their mind over making Studland Bay a Marine Conservation Zone ended yesterday with a final figure of 153,585 from 76 different countries which is staggering.

The boat owners who are against this reacted by saying 'foreigners' should not have a say on English conservation which is quite strange as we are always telling other countires to protect their wildlife.

The UK is a signatory to the IUCN which means it is legally bound to enforce wildlife law and to set up Marine Conservation Zones for vulnerable species and habitats and so it is failing in it's stautory duty in protecting both species and habitat.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and we have now submitted a large amount of data and information to the consultation process and we have very high hopes that Studland Bay will be included in the next tranche of MCZ's in 2016.


Thanks to Marc and everyone for their Wyrd Wonder Seahorse Concert

Thanks tyo Marc and everyone at the Wyrd Wonder Seahorse Bernefit concert held in Gwdihw Cafe Bar Cardiff in the last week. It was a night of musicand poems by an amazing group of people. Everyone kindly raised £188 towards the work of the trust.

Please have a look at the concert clips, photos and a poetry reading by Marc at the Facebook link below.



New alliance with the Species Recovery Trust

In keeping with our philosophy or Working in Partnership with Nature we have formed a working partnership with the Species Recovery Trust, please check out their website, this is a brilliant link for us as we have done with others in our Seahorse Alliance and with organisations like PTES

Article in BBC Wildlife Magazine

Dear all, please find an article in the latest issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine about the online petition you all made so successful. This is the fourth month in a row we have been in the magazine.

Few and Far Between by Charlie Elder

Dear all, just to let you know trust friend and author Charlie Elder has his new book Few and Far Between coming out next month. Charlie spent some fun and frustrating times with us trying to see Spiny Seahorses at Studland Bay and I am pleased to say in the end we achieved it.

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