Stop the Curio Trade Campaign (Update)

Great news, we have had reports coming in of shops selling curios and so we are working behind the scenes, trying to sort this out.
Interestingly Lucy one of our volunteers kindly reported stalls selling curios in Bulgaria, which has been very useful. We might not be able to do anything about these ones in other countries yet but please send them in anyway as they will help us shape the campaign in the future.
I have attached two pictures Lucy took of Seahorses and a Porcupine Puffer which were being sold. It has to stop and only you can do this.

If you see marine and other curios for sale plaese report them to us. If can give the address and details and if you have pictures that would be great but please make sure this is peacefully done.

Send you information to

Pporcupine Pufferfish for sale in Bulgaria


Seahorses for sale in Bulgaria

Not good news at Studland Bay

Dear everyone, Still no seahorses at South Beach (Studland bay) this year despite so many hours in the water. The seagrass bed is like a desert with little to no life. Not only is it fragmented it the seagrass beyond the leading edge is very short and the scoop marks where the anchors have been are so obvious.
Please help to push this campaign as we need to try and get the authorities to change their minds and the only way to do this is collect data and information about the site. We have been running our Studland Seahorse Project since 2009 and the numbers have just crashed at the same time the seagrass has degraded. It has to be protected in line with International laws and environmental demands. Please dig deep and support our work.
Thank you

PLease check out our GoFundMe page

Just how safe are the boats in Studland Bay

Interesting how the boating folk argue about the right to use 'their moorings' at Studland but if they could see the state of the links that they are attaching these very expensive boats to, I don't think they would. I know I certainly would not tie up a rowing boat let alone a nice yacht to some of these moorings.
Another good reason why the Environmentally friendly moorings are a good idea, as they would be insured, maintained and most importantly safe.
Note the typical bottle dropped over the side of a boat, this one full of rubbish, a common practise, luckily only a small handful of boat people do this and it is frowned upon but most right thinking boat owners

Kind donation by Wildlife World

We have had an amazing donation from our friends at Wildlife World who have kindly sent us £204 from the sale of some of their products. Wildlife World make and supply some incredible wildlife products such as nest boxes, feeders Etc. and emphasise education and quality as the basis for their designs. Occasionally they sell off seconds and kindly donate the money to charities such as ours. I would just like to say a massive thank you to Norman and the team for their kindness.

Large seahorse found in Poole Harbour

Fisherman Michael Bailey has found another large seahorse in Poole Harbour. A few years ago Michael found a very large male Spiny Seahorse that measured almost 30 cm from the top of the head to the end of the tail.

A few days ago he found another one and this male was very heavily pregnant. Michael said that he found 3 this year but numbers are dropping as he usually found so many more.

The Seahorse Trust has worked closely with Michael for several years and he very kindly took us out to look for seahorses in Poole Harbour a few years ago, on that dive we found 3, all Spiny Seahorses.

Poole Harbour has both species resident in it and it is thoght that they are there permanently and do not migrate to deeper water because of the sheltered nature of the harbour.

Thank you Kealan and save Our Seahorses

kealan and the team at Save Our Seahorses in Dublin Ireland have made a very generous donation of £355 through the Go Fund Me campaign.

Kealan and the team have been long term partners of The Seahorses Trust and they are working hard on research into captive breeding for conservation and understanding the Traditional Medicine Trade.

It was Kealans work that exposed the numbers of seahorses being used in the traditional medicine trade as much higher than the offical figures, he discovered it is nearer 150 million per annum which could lead to seahorses being functionally extinct in 20 to 30 years.

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