Seahorse Biology, Ecology and Conservation Course


Have you every wondered why a seahorse is like it is?  What makes these ‘little horses of the sea’ so unique and so well adapted to their watery world?

Are they a fish, a monkey or a chameleon – seahorses show so many traits from so many different species, it is hard to decide exactly what they are? In this unique course you will find out the answers to these questions and many more.

Our new online Seahorse Biology, Ecology and Conservation course allows you to learn about this enigmatic species at your own pace. 

The full course costs just £65 – giving you unlimited access to 12 learning modules. The Introductory Session is free to access, so if you wish to learn more about the course and what we do at the Trust please click here. 

To sign up to this indepth course or for further information please contact

Beccy or The Seahorse Trust 

For access to the Seahorse Biology, Ecology and Conservation Course please log in here:

Be A Sea-Changer Learner Grant

Deadline 5pm Monday 19th April 2021

Sea-Changers have not only supported the development of the online course but also are funding 10 places on the course.

These grants are aimed to support those who’s current situation is forming a financial barrier to their engagement with the course.

The application process is split into two parts; an application form to tell us about you and why this grant will support you and your engagement with the marine environment. These forms will be reviewed by our panel. Once an application is received, we will email you an anonymous diversity questionnaire that cannot be connected to any applicant and will just be used to inform The Seahorse Trust and Sea-Changers on how well we have been able to reach audiences who may not usually engage with such a course.

Please note that at no time will we be asking applicants to provide details of their current financial situation and will not be revealing the identities of any applicants, successful or not.

If you wish to apply to Be A Sea-Changer Learner please complete this application form: Sea-Changer Learner Application

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