British Seahorses booklet

Have you ever wondered what makes a seahorse tick, where does it live, how does it survive in our oceans, how many seahorses do we have in the UK?

Well this is the booklet  for you. This is the first booklet to bring together knowledge about seahorses and especially British Seahorses and has been written by Trust Founder and Executive Director Neil Garrick-Maidment FBNA

Neil has been studying seahorses for 41 years and this booklet is one of 5 he has written and he has also co-authored 20 others and written hundreds of articles on the subject. He is considered the authority on British Seahorses and has set up many long term survey sites to study this beautiful animal underwater.

This full cover booklet is available for £4.99 including postage (UK only)

Drop the trust an e-mail on  The Seahorse Trust and order a copy now