The Seahorse Trust

The Seahorse Trust is a charitable organisation for:

  • Research into Seahorses and the general environment worldwide
  • Education about Seahorses, marine conservation and the environment worldwide
  • The enjoyment of Seahorses and the natural world

This site is for everyone who cares about the welfare of Seahorses and the environment. To find out more about this unique fish species, the work we are doing, to help conserve them and how you can help.

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The Seahorse Trust is run solely on charitable donations, contributions from the general public are greatly appreciated. Without the funding and the help of you all, we would not be able to study these incredible creatures and provide detailed information on their species and habitats; to preserve them for future generations for the benefit of all.

As you can see from the trust website, we work in partnership with so many others, individuals and organisations, and we strongly believe that by working in partnership we will make a difference to the natural world.

With our partners at Save Our Seahorses in Ireland and the Sealife group (and others) we have just set up the Seahorse Alliance, which is a group of individuals and organisations that want to work together and have one voice for the conservation and preservation of seahorses; you can find out more details about this under the conservation button.

The partnership approach extends to all our work and on the Traditional Medicine Trade (TMT) page we are inviting the people of China to work with us to make the TMT sustainable; you can sign up to our invite to the people of China at the following link.



Like many small charities it is always difficult to raise funds to keep going and do our work. We are incredibly lucky here at The Seahorse Trust in having an amazing team of volunteers who do so much.but it it still costs 45 to 50 thousand pounds a year to run the charity and this is getting harder and harder to find. So we have launched a Crowd Funder appeal to raise £10,000 in 2 weeks and we need your help urgently please.

Please have a look at our appeal and make a pledge towards our work, if we hitt he £10,000 target then we have been successful BUt if don't then we will have to look for other ways of funding the trust.

You can help in a couple of ways, firstly go onto the site and make a pledge and secondly you can send the Crowd Funder link to as many people as you possibly can and on every social network you belong to.

Please help us to generate this much needed £10,000 spread the word far and wide and go onto the link below and make diffence.THANK YOU

The Crowd Funder link is


SAVE OUR SEAHORSES campaign website

Have a look at the Save Our Seahorses campaign website and sign up to the invite to the Chinese people


Illegal trade on the internet campaign

Here at the trust we are dedicated to preserving seahorses from all aspects of exploitation and so we have a volunteer, who has kindly offered to monitor online trading web sites looking for the illegal sales of seahorses. It is crucial we reduce this trade to help preserve seahorses in the wild. Throughout Europe and America and many other countries seahorses are protected under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), so it is illegal to sell them alive or dead, in part or as a whole, whether they are newly dead or antiques. In Europe they cannot be sold at all without a CITES certificate and in the US they can only be sold for the domestic market. So it is illegal to import or export them without a CITES certificate. Recently we had a fantastic succes with E-bay who agreed to bring their rules and regulations in line with international law and so it is now illegal to sell seahorses on E-bay under the same laws as in Europe and America and we are working with other continenets to do the same.

If you see seahorses being traded please let us know so we can let the relevant authorities have the details so they can deal with it.


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