Below are the wonderful businesses who support us with donations from sales they make.  By buying their products that support us, you are helping The Seahorse Trust in our fight to save the world’s seahorses.  Thank you.

If your organisation wants to support seahorses and the natural world then please contact us. Many thanks.

beauty kitchen logo

Beauty Kitchen have put together this brilliant film about Stan the Seahorse, take a look…. Thanks, Beauty Kitchen!

Beauty Kitchen


Our friends at Beauty Kitchen have kindly offered to sponsor some of our work at The Seahorse Trust by donating 1% of net sales of their range of beauty products made with seahorse plankton, which is a marine microalgae full of Omega 3 and 6.

This range of products is being sold through Holland and Barrett and via Beauty Kitchen’s website, and we hope in the long term to work with Beauty Kitchen and Holland and Barrett in developing a computer game featuring Stan the Seahorse so we can help educate children about the problems facing seahorses worldwide in the wild.

Beauty Kitchen products include such wonders as their Really Radiant Moisturiser – an ultra-hydrating moisturiser that is supercharged with a blend of two types of microalgae and two seaweeds that are scientifically proven to protect skin from pollution, even tone and revitalise your skin’s building blocks.

 Or how about their High Definition Seahorse Plankton Facial Oil – talk about powered up plankton! This lightweight facial oil is supercharged with a unique blend of marine extracts – including two types of microalgae and three hand-harvested seaweeds.

To indulge in some pampering, nip onto their website and get yourself some beautifying seahorse plankton!  PS: seahorse plankton products make great gifts too!

Salcombe Brewery

Seahorse ale from Salcombe brewery

Handcrafted beer from Devon. Created with hops, malt, yeast and, their own Devon water and a splash of passion! A beer for every occasion with a bit of Salcombe in every drop!

The SEAHORSE Beer reflects that Salcombe Estuary is a breeding ground and safe haven for both British species of seahorse.  It is an amber ale, sweet and smooth, with a gentle spicy hop character and hints of burnt toffee, caramel and a smoked malty finish.  What’s not to like!

Salcombe Brewery and The Seahorse Trust have joined forces to help conserve these amazing animals for the future.  By buying this hand-crafted ale you are directly helping the Trust in its efforts to study seahorses in the wild and to launch conservation programmes to ensure we have seahorses in the wild forever.

Salcombe Brewery will donate 5p to the Seahorse Trust from every bottle bought and we would like to say a massive thank you them for their generous support.  Cheers!

Wildflower Favours

Saving the world, one seed at a time!

Wildflower Favours supplies seed packets for any occasion, including weddings, parties, anniversaries, funerals etc,  and for business promotional events. They have kindly nominated us as one of the charities they want to support/

Wildflower Favours are rather obsessed with bees and seahorses!  Both species are endangered in their own ways and both need the help of us humans.  The seed packets are recycled and eco-friendly and they contain British-grown wildflower seeds of British species – species that bees adore.  Every packet of Seahorse Trust seeds sold enables a 50p donation to the Seahorse Trust.  Not only are you helping seahorses but the bees too by encouraging them to visit the wildflowers you grow from these packets.

Buzz on over to Wildflower Favours website and start saving seahorses and bees!

Lifeforms Art


Lifeforms Art is all about spreading the conservation message and celebrating the amazing creatures who share our planet.

They are a family business, lucky enough to live in Ceredigion, West Wales, and they spend their spare time beach-combing and beach-cleaning.

Lifeforms Art began in 2017 when the father and sons team began looking for a way to promote the conservation message to the world – artist and conservationist Ian, graphic designer George and artist and naturalist Ben.

Their seahorse and marine art is beautiful. Their Seahorse T-shirt is made from 100% soft organic cotton. It is fairwear-certified and available in a choice of three colours.  The T-shirts are also  certified vegan. Who doesn’t love a seahorse? It has been their most requested design!

Lifeforms Art are generously donating  10% from their seahorse art proceeds to our work.  Nip on to their website and check out their artwork, buy a T-shirt and you will be in for a treat!


Is the sea calling?

Beautiful cards and pictures by nature artist Alison Fennell

“The Pottering Artist – for whimsical watercolour animal art and online watercolour wisdom courses! “

Email Alison on
to learn more about her art and courses



The Seahorse Trust is excited to announce that we are collaborating with Seahorse Environmental, who will be volunteering some of their time to help with communications and media.

Seahorse Environmental is a new agency which designs and executes political campaigns and communication programmes which work towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future. Driven by a passion for enhancing the natural environment, and ensuring healthier oceans filled with thriving life, the Seahorse team has worked on a number of marine projects, including currently the On the Hook campaign.

In particular, the team at Seahorse Environmental will be helping us raise awareness around the issue of the illegal wildlife trade in seahorses, including the trading of seahorses on the Etsy platform, and around the reasons for marine conservation zone in Studland Bay, that vwe got deisgnated in 2019, which provides vital habitat for seahorses in UK coastal waters.

We are so proud to have Seahorse Environmental as a partner with The Seahorse Trust and we are looking forward to working with the team on our projects not just here in the UK but around the world as well. Thank you to everyone involved and looking forward to a positive seahorse future.

Seahorse Post Cards


This stunning set of images featuring seahorses and seadragons have been made into a series of 6 postcards bound together.

They are for sale for £7.65 (incl. P&P UK only) with 100% of the profits going to the work of The Seahorse Trust.

The images have been kindly donated by the photographers for use of the trust to aid its work and we would like to say a massive thank you to them all.

If you want to buy a set or two then please email us at

seahorse scarf

Sparrow Green Studio

Sparrow Green Studio has created a beautiful hand-drawn silk scarf in aid of The Seahorse Trust. The new long scarf (180cm by 190cm) features a kaleidoscope of seahorses, namely the British Spiny Seahorse, against a background of blue with green tinges to resemble the sea.

Designer Kate Palmer, who runs Sparrow Green Studio, says “The scarf was designed using my pencil drawings and has been digitally printed on silk habutai. By designing this scarf to celebrate The Seahorse Trust, I want to highlight the charity’s important work in conserving and preserving seahorses, which are under threat.”

The scarf costs £38, 15% of which will go to the charity, it is available from

opache scarf women

Fused Glass by Pippa

Pippa has been fusing glass for a few years now, based in a small village by the sea in Devon.  Her inspiration comes from the coast. 10% of all seahorse-themed glass sales is donated to The Seahorse Trust.

You can order your seahorse glasswork via Facebook or Instagram (Fused Glass by Pippa) or by email

seahorse sculpture

Seahorse Sculptures


Wildlife Artist and SCUBA diver Nicolas Pain has created two fabulous sculptures. Each depicts Spiny Seahorses. One features a single Seahorse holding on tightly to a strand of seagrass in a strong current while the second shows two Seahorses floating gently in calmer waters. Both sculptures accurately portray exquisitely-detailed seahorses in their natural habitat. Nicolas’ work is inspired by many years of diving, mainly in the UK.

Each sculpture is a foundry-cast bronze in a strictly limited edition of 18 that is signed by the artist. These are offered here in conjunction with The Seahorse Trust and the artist will donate 15% of the sale price to the The Seahorse Trust.

The dimensions of the single Seahorse are D17cm X W30cm XH43cm and the two seahorses together are D25cm X W14cm X H62cm. Both are supplied in hand made wooden presentation boxes.

The single Seahorse is priced at £1850 and the double at £2400. This price includes shipping on the UK mainland.

To order your sculpture or for more details simply e-mail the artist, quoting The Seahorse Trust to or visit

seahorse sculpture

Seahorse art

Unique one off Seahorse art

Since taking early retirement, Patti Boness has been able to indulge her love of art and crafts, exploring many forms and media.

Her work is varied – from a  simple style of Pointillism, which she have developed preferring to use sepia and black pens,  Tuscany landscapes in acrylic, to work using slate, beach finds and metallic paints set in resin.

Her inspiration comes from her love of the countryside and many years of diving,  with her first sighting of a seahorse whilst diving on the south coast of England.

Due to her passion for seahorses, Patti donates 10% from any sales of products featuring a seahorse to The Seahorse Trust.

Purchases can be made by contacting Patti by email – Facebook: PattisArtsandCrafts

Message in a Bottle

A great range of plastic-less, reusable products for everyday living.

Better for you. Better for our Planet


How do you save the planet, save seahorses and stop the oceans filling with plastic, well buy non-plsatic items from Message in a Bottle is the answer.

Sarah and the team at Message in a Bottle have kindly offered to donation 10% from sales of water bottles and coffe cups to the work of The Seahorse Trust.

Sarah says, “although we are just a small on-line business we want to do what we can to support the Seahorse Trust. If you need a water bottle or coffee cup then come and visit our on line shop and we will donate 10% of your order to the Trust. (please include code: SEAHORSE in the checkout comments box)”

Like so many of our kind supporters this is such a generous offer and please support them and us and help to preserve our oceans at the same time.

To find out more about their work and ongoing offers don’t forget to sign up to their newsletter which also has tips on living with less plastic.


Live Algae UK

Premium marine algae from the UK

Live algae UK make donations to the work of The Seahorse Trust from the sale of their UK-grown sustainable marine algae.

These algae are sustainable and do not affect habitats in the wild.

Click on the logo or picture to the right to go directly to their website.

Click on the logo above to visit the site

Wildlfe World

Premium wildlife products for home and garden

Wildlife World supply high quality bespoke wildlife products made with sustainable materials made here in the UK by skilled craftsmen.

Being the leading wildlife product designers and manufacturers in the country they have won countless awards for their products and designs.

They are suppliers to some of the leading wildlife organisations in the country and further afield and design thier products for the animals they are designed for and to be asectically pleasing.

Immortal Beloved UK

Artwork by Rachael Woodcroft

Rachael’s “Seahorses in Love” brooches are handmoulded and individually handpainted, with no two ever the same. Each pair shaped into a slightly different tail embrace, and each pair has a tiny Swarovski crystal inset into each eye. You can see different variations in colours by scrolling through the images on her shop page.

Each brooch is sold for £25.00 of which 25% will go to the trust, thats £6.75 per brooch.

Click on the image to the left to go to her site.

Shops and centres with collection pots


Here at The Seahorse Trust we are very lucky to have a number of shops and outlets who support our work by having a Seahorse Trust collection pot, so that their customers can kindly donate towards our work.

Listed below are just a few of them and if you click on their logos you can go direct to their websites.

Thank you to them all for their amazing support.

If you want to have one of our collection pots to help support our work then please get in touch by e-mail on

Kaleidoscope Aquatic Centre

Blue Reef Aquarium (Newquay)

Bristol Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium (Portsmouth)

Blue Reef Aquarium (Hastings)

Elm Lane Aquatics